AND... at a very reasonable cost.

You, your city or organization, can be www.jackson.ms, www.tupelo.ms or any of 130 other Mississippi city names. You can use your city's name for as long as you like and in most any way you chose.

There are two ways you can use this .MS domain.

If you already have a website, we can "forward" this domain to your existing website. This means anyone can type in EITHER www.yourcity.ms, OR your current web address and still arrive at your existing site. "Forwarding" is a simple and transparent technology that works just like forwarding your home telephone or your snail mail. The cost of forwarding this .ms domain to your existing website is only $200 per year. Email addresses, such as John@Meridian.MS , are available off your city domain.

Then, there is the traditional way... that is, we host the domain for you. This is done at Dixie-Net, a longtime Ripley, Mississippi Internet Service Provider with 15 years experience in web services, including hosting and web design. You control the content of your website. Costs for standard websites such as the ones listed below are around $30 per month, $360 per year. Of course, email addresses are available off your .MS domain.

Check out some of our city domains being utilized:

Please email kwilliams@corinth.ms or call 662.415.7998 for more information.